Policies and Procedures

UM Policies and Procedures Related to Substantive Change
UM Policy/Procedure
Policy on Substantive Changes and Procedures UM's policy for reporting substantive changes and includes a diagram of the approval process
Policy on Off-Campus Graduate Degree Programs This document explains that approval by the Graduate School is required for graduate off campus degree programs.
Policy on Contract/Consortial/Education Agreements This document explains the University's policy regarding approval for contract, consortial and education agreements (such as dual degree programs with other institutions)
Procedures for Awarding Posthumous Degrees This document explains the University's procedures for awarding a posthumous degree.
Guidelines for Online Courses This document explains the University's requirements for online courses
Faculty Senate Proposal Submissions Specifications This document explains what types of changes need to go to the Faculty Senate and describes the approval process
Graduate School New Program and Program Changes Approval Process This document describes the procedures for program change approvals for programs under the Graduate School